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Hand Pain and Herniated Disc in The Neck

herniated disc treatment san francisco
Is it Really CTS?

We have been providing treatment for hand pain in San Francisco for over 22 years now. 

Hand pain is very common in people that spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk in front of a computer…like most of our patients.

When it comes to hand pain treatment the source of the pain is not always in the hand. In fact, more often than not the source of the arm or hand pain is from pinched nerves in the neck. That’s right, pinched nerves in the neck can cause the same type of hand pain that pinched nerves in the hand or wrist can cause (carpal tunnel syndrome).

This is why it’s so important for a doctor to examine the neck to the finger tips when a patient presents with carpal tunnel symptoms such as hand pain.

The primary cause of pinched nerves in the neck is a herniated or bulging cervical disc.

Chiropractors have great success treating pinched nerves in the neck with adjustments, massage, exercise and other non-invasive treatments such as deep tissue laser and Active Release Techniques (ART).

In the unlikely event that chiropractic fails to deliver desired results for hand pain due to a herniated disc, then nonsurgical cervical decompression is considered for the neck.

At our clinic we will often incorporate cervical decompression with the DRX9000c and chiropractic adjustments. This can work extremely well.

We also have a medical team and physical therapy team for difficult cases.

So, if you are suffering with neck, arm, shoulder, elbow, or hand pain, you should probably visit a chiropractor that has expertise in CTS treatment and repetitive stress injuries. And if they have a cervical spinal decompression machine that’s even better.

To find out if you are a candidate for hand pain treatment in San Francisco please call 415-392-2225. Mention this blog post for a complimentary consultation. 

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