Is my Spinal Decompression Therapy Working?

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Lumbar decompression with the DRX9000

We have been providing cervical and lumbar disc decompression therapy in downtown San Francisco for over 8 years now. During this time we have helped thousands of patients with herniated and bulging discs return to more normal lives.

When we first consult with a spinal decompression patient we try to manage the expectations based on the nature and severity of their condition, their age, and our experience with similar cases.

The most important factor is the condition itself. Is there more than one disc herniation? Is there extensive spinal and disc degeneration? Are there any congenital factors like scoliosis or a short leg? Are there other spinal problems or previous micro-surgeries?

In general, the younger the patient is, and the better the overall condition of their health, the higher the odds of a favorable outcome during the typical recommended treatment plan, which is 20-24 sessions.

What happens along the way varies from patient to patient. Sometimes herniated disc patients feel worse at first because the body resists the decompression. The decompression machine (we use the DRX9000) senses this and makes adjustments to the force of the pull but still patients can and do get sore. This is why it is so important to ice frequently, drink lots of water, take fish oil supplements, and eat mostly vegetables and plant foods if possible during treatment, because all of these are “anti-inflammatory” and help reduce pain levels and promote healing.

We always start off slow and increase the intensity as the patient progresses. We look for what we call “signs of life”. Signs of Life can be standing for longer periods with less pain. Sleeping better. Less numbness or tingling. Feeling stronger. Being a little more mobile, etc. Rarely will someone just start feeling 100% better from the start…but it does happen. And when it does we still recommend following through with the treatment protocol.

More likely, treatment¬† progress is a slow steady progression with occasional setbacks. After-all, the back and neck conditions we are working on took a long time to develop and we are treating them naturally without drugs or surgery…so you feel the changes taking place. And the treatment is physical. The problem itself is physical and so is the solution…so expect to be kind of sore along the way.

Some patients feel better right away and some patients don’t start to feel better until the end…and everything in between. Our advice is to just “stay the course”. Let the treatment process unfold. At our clinic we only accept cases that have an exceptional chance of a favorable outcome. If you are ever concerned along the way that the treatment may not be working than let us know. We can put you in touch with some of our DRX9000 Alumni that went through the same thing.

On your end…make sure you do your home care, wear your back support, ice as much as you can, eat right, and do your exercises once we prescribe them for you. And of course, make all your appointment’s. If you do you increase the odds of success.

If you have any questions or concerns we are always here to help.

To find out if you are a candidate for care at our San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center please call 415-392-2225 and ask for a complimentary consultation.

Scott Calzaretta

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