Spinal Decompression or Chiropractic for a Disc Herniation?

drx9000 in san francisco
Spinal Decompression Therapy with DRX9000

We have been providing chiropractic in San Francisco for over 20 years now. About 8 years ago we began to incorporate spinal decompression with the DRX9000 into the mix.

In general, we always want to rule out chiropractic as a first choice for herniated discs in the neck or low back. Spinal decompression is more expensive and time consuming and is not covered by insurance.  Actually, most insurance will cover re-exams, exercises, ice, muscle stimulation, and some of the ancillary services we provide to decompression patients.

If a patient presents with a new condition, even though it appears to be a herniated disc (it’s not hard to tell)…we still want to try conservative chiropractic care first if the patient can tolerate it…and most can because we start out very gentle and easy.

On the other hand…if a patient comes to us and has already tried chiropractic without much success, or we treat them ourselves without any change, say after a few weeks, then we consider decompression therapy and will usually order an MRI.

A few weeks ago we had a 28 year old male present with severe back and leg pain with no apparent cause. He was listing to one side (antalgia) which is common with a lumbar disc herniation, and had all the positive disc findings…another-words chances are he has a herniated disc…we would need MRI to confirm.

Our game plan was to treat with conservative chiropractic for a few weeks and see if we could stabilize him and get him back on track. He really wanted to avoid an MRI and the  time and expense of spinal decompression.

The treatment started out slow with not much change…then after 4 chiropractic adjustments he started to come around, sleep better, stand straighter, feel better, and have hope that chiropractic can help.

As it stands he had to go on a work trip and will be back at the end of the week. This is not ideal so we will see.

I guess the point is this…We always want to try the more conservative, less expensive chiropractic adjustments first when it comes to treating bulging and herniated cervical and lumbar discs. But we have a Plan B if we need it, Nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000 or DRX9000c (cervical decompression system).

To find out if you are a candidate for spinal decompression in San Francisco, call 415-392-2225. Mention this blog post for a complimentary consultation.

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