Can Spinal Decompression Help Sciatica?

One of the more common causes of sciatica…which is pain, numbness, or tingling in the leg, due to nerve compression, is a herniated or bulging lumbar disc.

herniated disc treatment san francisco
Pinched Lumbar Nerve Root of Sciatic Nerve

When a patient presents with sciatica at our San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center, the first thing we think is “herniated disc”. Sure, there are other causes of sciatica such as “Piriformis Syndrome”, Spinal Stenosis, Vertebral Subluxation, and Facet Syndrome…but a herniated or bulging disc in the lumbar spine is the most common cause.

Typically, we will use gentle chiropractic adjustments at first to see if the sciatica responds. We will not do this if the patient has already tried chiropractic adjustments or if there is just too much pain and inflammation.

If chiropractic adjustments fail to reduce the sciatica pain we consider spinal decompression therapy with the DRX9000. At this point we will usually send the patient out for an MRI of the lumbar spine if they do not already have one.

The lumbar MRI results are used to determine which spinal discs are bulging or herniated. The DRX9000 is able to isolate on a specific spinal disc segment to correct the herniation.

drx9000 in san francisco
Spinal Decompression Therapy with DRX9000

Spinal decompression enlarges the disc space, elongates the spine, re-positions the injured disc, re-hydrates the disc, and reduces inflammation of the surrounding tissues…including the sciatic nerve.

It is not uncommon for sciatica symptoms to begin to abate after just a few spinal decompression sessions.

So YES..spinal decompression can help sciatica!

Sometimes sciatica relief comes quick. Sometimes it takes a while…and sometimes it does not help at all (rare).

Of course it’s always nice when sciatica relief comes sooner rather than later…but sometimes it just takes a while. And it’s hard to be patient when you are in pain.

Low back and sciatica often occur together…but it is not uncommon to have sciatica with no back pain at all. or back pain with no sciatica. Every case is different.

So if you have sciatica, and you feel you have nowhere to turn…consider nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000. It will most likely be your last stop.

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