Is Spinal Decompression Covered by Insurance?

We have been providing treatment for herniated discs in San Francisco for almost 20 years now.  About 6 years ago we added nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000 to the mix. The results have been outstanding.

drx9000 in san francisco
Spinal Decompression Therapy with DRX9000

The DRX9000 is a machine that is designed and built to treat neurovascular compression syndromes such as herniated and bulging discs without surgery. Spinal decompression is now considered by many (including me) to be the gold standard for disc herniation treatment.

Many new herniated disc patients are surprised to learn that¬† spinal decompression is NOT covered by insurance. After-all…if it works so well why wont my insurance pay for it?

Well…we wish they did, that’s for sure…it would make everyone’s life easier. But it doesn’t…and here’s why. Spinal decompression has only been around for 7-8 years and is still considered experimental. There are no long term double blind studies to support the results that patients and spinal decompression doctors are reporting worldwide.

There has been very favorable preliminary research done by the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins University, and Duke University (a joint effort). You can download the spinal decompression special report and read the results yourself.

The good news is that your insurance will most likely pay for exams, re-exams, exercises, and various other ancillary treatments that are part of the spinal decompression treatment process. This can be significant depending on your actual benefits.

I can tell you this though…The chronic back pain patients that are paying out of their pocket for treatment with the DRX9000 or one of the other fine decompression systems, are happy to do so. Most have tried many forms of back or neck pain treatment, with little to no relief.

Hey…life is short. And when you have severe back pain or sciatica, life can be miserable. When you live in pain it effects your earning potential, your immune system, your attitude, everything. The DRX9000 has the potential to give you your life back.

On average, spinal decompression is 20-24 visits, at a cost of $3000-$8000 depending on the area of the country, the severity of your condition, and what the program includes (laser, rehab, chiropractic, massage, nutrition).

If you are suffering with chronic back or neck pain and have been diagnosed with a bulging or herniated disc, you should consider spinal decompression…even though your insurance wont pay for all of it.

My spinal decompression doctors offer zero interest financing and easy payment plans…I know we do. It’s usually not money that prevents a disc patient from starting care.

Anyway…that’s my two cents, and of course my opinion is biased because I provide these services. But it’s my honest opinion…and I received many dozens of roses from happy spinal decompression patients…and that’s the truth.

To find out if you are a candidate for the DRX9000 at our San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center…call 415-392-2225. Mention this blog post for a complimentary consultation.

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