Can a Herniated Disc Repair Itself?

herniated disc treatment in San Francisco
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We have been providing treatment for herniated discs in San Francisco for over 20 years now. During this time much has changed as far as what we know about herniated discs and the best way to treat them.

It used to be thought that the only way to treat a herniated disc was with surgical intervention…either a discectomy or spinal fusion. Now we know that the body is capable of healing a herniated disc just like it can heal most other injuries, and in fact it does this all the time. But just like other injuries, sometimes the body needs a little help.

In order for the body to heal itself, all the communication lines have to be open.

The nervous system which consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves is the body’s communication system. As long as the nervous system is free of interference it will make the right decisions every time.

Physical, Chemical, and Mental Stress can interfere with internal communications making it hard for the body to repair itself. Physical stress on the nervous system from say misalignment’s (bones out of place) can make it very difficult for the body to repair a herniated disc. This is called Vertebral Subluxation.

A disc has two primary functions:

1. To give the spine flexibility and act as a shock absorber for normal motion and activity.

2. Acts as a ligament by holding the vertebrae above and the one below together. The disc also separates the vertebrae and helps create the opening where the nerves exit before traveling to all your cells, organs, glands, and muscles.

If the bones are stuck, then the disc will degenerate and so will the bones. The bones and the disc need motion to stay alive and to maintain proper shape, function, and integrity. All body parts require motion to stay healthy. This disc degeneration can lead to bulging and herniated discs.

So what do we do if the bones are stuck and not functioning properly and has resulted in a herniated disc?

Well…we can try chiropractic adjustments to see if we can correct the subluxations. This is what chiropractors do. This will usually help.

If chiropractic fails to deliver results we can try nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000, a machine designed and built to help the body repair herniated discs.

The DRX9000 enlarges the disc space, re-positions the disc, re-hydrates the disc, strengthens the spinal muscles and ligaments, and gives the body a better chance to repair the injured spinal disc.

So YES…a herniated disc can repair itself…but sometimes it just needs a little help.

Bottom Line: Do Not Jump Right Into Back or Neck Surgery if you are diagnosed with a herniated disc. Give your body a chance to heal itself with chiropractic or spinal decompression. You can always have surgery!

To schedule an appointment for herniated disc treatment in San Francisco call 415-392-2225. Mention this blog for a complimentary consultation.

Eben Davis

San Francisco Chiropractor and Spinal Decompression Expert Dr. Eben Davis has been a chiropractor for over 22 years specializing in the nonsurgical treatment of back, neck and wrist pain using modern chiropractic techniques and technology. Dr. Davis is also an expert in plant based nutrition and exercise physiology.

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2 thoughts on “Can a Herniated Disc Repair Itself?”

  1. Great explanation of discs and their purpose in the spine. It’s great to have choices when it comes to your health!

  2. A combination of all the lastest therapies out there has worked well for a lot of our chronic low back pain patients (DRX, chiropractic, laser)

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